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Air Charter Safety Foundation Aviation Safety Action Program Information Sheet


The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is a non-profit aviation safety organization that provides programs to enable the highest levels of safety in personal and business aviation. To achieve this goal, the ACSF has entered an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to enhance safety by providing a systematic approach for employees of on-demand charter operators, fractional program managers, and Part 91 flight departments to promptly identify and correct potential safety hazards.

ASAP Program
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When an employee submits a report to ASAP, the report is processed and reviewed by an event review committee (ERC), which decides on the appropriate course of action in response to the event. The ERC is comprised of an FAA representative, a company management representative, and a representative from the participating employee group (pilot, mechanic, etc.).

What is the Cost to Participate?

In order to participate in the ACSF ASAP program, your company must be an ACSF member. There is also an annual ASAP administrative fee which is based on the number of employees participating in the program. Please contact ACSF at 202-774-1515 for further details.

For Additional Information

For additional information or questions, contact Russ Lawton, ACSF ASAP Program Manager: [email protected] or 202-774-1514.

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