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ACSF Industry Audit Standard

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The ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) has been developed with the input and guidance of leading safety auditors, charter operators, shared aircraft ownership companies and charter consumers.

The ultimate goal of the Industry Audit Standard is for charter operators and shared aircraft ownership management companies to complete one comprehensive audit on a recurrent basis rather than the multiple audits they currently complete.
The Industry Audit Standard is a revolutionary program built from the ground up by ACSF to set the standard for the independent evaluation of an air charter operator’s and/or shared ownership company’s safety and regulatory compliance. It was crafted to alleviate the substantial costs and redundancies associated with today’s auditing environment – where operators are subject to multiple audits every year that consume precious resources.
With the deployment of the ACSF Industry Audit Standard, the charter consumer can be assured that audited and registered operators are compliant with the highest standards of safety and compliance. Participating independent auditors are accredited by the ACSF.
Operator and customers alike can be assured of the integrity of the program because becoming audit registered requires the review and approval of the on-site auditors recommendations by an independent review board.
ACSF Industry Audit Standard Operator Documents
The ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) is comprised of three comprehensive documents that operators should review.  Click here to view the Industry Audit Standard Operator Documents.

Operator's Pre-Audit Self Assessment Checklist
Prior to scheduling an on-site audit, operators must complete a pre-audit self assessment checklist. Once it is completed, the operator may schedule an audit. Please contact ACSF at [email protected] or 888-SAFE-135 to request the self assessment and initiate your audit process.
 ACSF Audit Companies
ACSF audits are performed by companies whose auditors have completed ACSF IAS training. These well-respected and established aviation audit firms have been accredited by ACSF to conduct the IAS audit:
Companies Providing Consulting Services on the ACSF IAS
The following companies have been trained on the ACSF Audit Standard and are authorized to provide consulting and assistance to operators in preparation and support for an ACSF audit:
Information for Auditors
Audit Companies that want to perform the ACSF Industry Audit Standard must meet minimum qualification standards, and their auditors are required to attend ACSF auditor training.

 For more information about the Industry Audit Standard, contact Russ Lawton at or call ACSF toll-free at 1-888-SAFE-135.