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IAS Operator Registry

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On this page you will be able to quickly and easily determine if an operator is IAS Registered, when the operator’s current Registration expires and verify key certificate, aircraft, and business facts.
Look for the ACSF Audit Registered seal anytime you want to fly!  

ACSF IAS Registered Operator Listing

Operators seeking more information on participating in the IAS should visit


Advanced Air, LLC 30-Sept-2018
Associated Aircraft Group 31-Mar-2019
Epps Aviation 31-Feb-2019
Executive Fliteways 30-Sept-2018
Executive Jet Management 31-July-2018
Flexjet 30-Nov-2018
Flight Options 30-Nov-2018

Gama Aviation 

Keystone Aviation, LLC 30-June-2018
L.J. Aviation 31-Mar-2019
Mayo Aviation, Inc. 31-July-2018
Northern Jet Management 31-Aug-2018
Priester Aviation, LLC 31-Aug-2018
Sun Air Jets
Worldwide Jet Charter, Inc. 30-Sept-2018