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Advanced Air Management:  A Global Leader In Air Charter

Established in 2000, Advanced Air Management has become the air charter industry's leader in heavy jet and ultra long range on demand charter.  With offices in Los Angeles, New York and London, AAM owns and operates a fleet of Gulfstream IV/400's and Global Express aircraft.  The only US Part 135 operator with multiple Global Express aircraft dedicated to on demand charter, Advanced Air employs a cutting edge business paradigm of a "floating fleet" on a world-wide scale.

Aaron Cummings, Director of Charter, explains, "AAM guarantees round-the-clock coverage with a global reach.  We work exclusively with our expansive network of charter brokers in more than 30 different countries and maintain one of the most highly utilized and in demand heavy jet fleets in the world."
With more than 40 full time pilots and hundreds of international operations each month, AAM identifies safety and risk management as an essential cornerstone of their business.
"As a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, we maintain very close relationships with our industry partners in refining safety compliance and risk mitigation.  With a full time Safety Compliance officer on staff, we engage daily with the FAA here in the States in developing better policies and procedures to minimize inefficiencies and eliminate risk.  As a registered IS-BAO operator, we also work with our European partners in maintaining the highest safety standards possible worldwide."
Combining their existing high-volume and loyal clientele with emerging markets in Africa and Asia, Advanced Air Management is poised to be the dominant global leader in ultra long range and heavy jet charter operators.