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Omni Air Transport

Since the company’s first flight in 1983, Omni Air Transport (OAT) has provided travelers with exceptional air charter services and aircraft management expertise. Omni guests can rely on best-in-class customer service, unparalleled attention to detail, and uncompromised safety standards on every flight.

Starting out with just a single airplane, Omni Air Transport, now operates a fleet of 11 owned and managed aircraft ranging from light to heavy jets. Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, under the leadership of Dan Burnstein, the company has grown with the relentless pursuit of the industry’s highest safety standards.

Dan firmly believes that his visible and active leadership, along with his executive team, is key to the success of his organization’s safety system. Dan continuously promotes and reinforces Safety as a core value and driver of OAT’s strategy. “Throughout the entire organization, from every base support activity through every aircraft, taxi, takeoff and landing, our safety culture shapes our decision-making, strategically, operationally and tactically.”

Holding ARG/US Platinum status since 2004, membership in ACSF, as well as IS-BAO registration, are a few of the credentials that speak to the strength of Omni Air Transport’s commitment to safety.

The OAT Safety Management System (SMS) is focused on organizational learning and continuously improving the ability to attain and maintain a superior customer experience each and every time. Led and facilitated by recent addition Kevin Zemetis as the Director of Safety and Security, OAT’s SMS and safety culture is built on transparency, responsiveness and accountability.

“OAT is focused on smart and continuous growth.” says Mike Skow, President and Director of Operations of OAT, “We have an extremely high rate of client satisfaction as evidenced by our client retention and referral rates; clearly our safety culture is a key component of our customer satisfaction.”