Air Charter Safety Foundation

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Washington, DC 20006

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Member Categories/Dues

REGULAR MEMBER Company sells air transportation.
Category I: Company operates or manages aircraft.
Ex: 135 certificate holders, 91(K) program managers, 91 flight departments and aircraft management companies

Annual contributions are based on fleet size.
Fleet Size 
1-2 Aircraft $1,000
3-6 Aircraft $1,750
7-14 Aircraft $2,500
15-49 Aircraft $5,000
50+ Aircraft $10,000
Company views ACSF’s regular members as their target market.
Ex: Insurance companies, training centers, maintenance facilities, aircraft
manufacturers and others
Non-profit organizations and small businesses (defined as businesses with three or less employees) that have an interest in the charter aviation industry.
Ex: Associations, sole-practioner businesses, hospitals/medical facilities, airport authorities, government agencies, foundations, and others.
Universities and schools committed to supporting aviation education and advancing the mission and goals of the Air Charter Safety Foundation
Category II: Company has no aircraft but is involved in air
transportation transactions.
Ex: Brokers, card program managers, and others
Annual contributions are based on annual revenue.
Annual revenue up to $1 million  - $5,000
Annual revenue from $1-20 million -  $10,000
Annual revenue more than $20 million -  $15,000
All member payments will be accepted offline.
Please download our registration form which can be faxed or mailed to ACSF at the address below with your dues contribution.
Download ACSF Membership Application
Mail completed application and dues contribution to:
 Air Charter Safety Foundation
c/o Bryan Burns 
818 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20006