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ACSF Member Alert: Lithium Battery Runaway Industry Best Practice

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Hi Folks,

I wanted to share the below Industry “best practice” regarding Lithium battery runaway. I hope all Part-91 flight departments and Part-135 charter operators have implemented a policy on keeping Lithium batteries out of unreachable places.

Whether you’re visiting friends and family this summer or jetting off on a much needed vacation, you’re probably planning to pack a few items that contain batteries. Cameras, laptops, battery-powered toys, outdoor gear, e-cigarettes, motorized scooters (and more!) are all products that may include lithium batteries, which can cause a fire hazard if not safely packed for air travel.

Before you start packing your bags, take a moment to check the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Pack Safe chart to learn more about what can go in your checked and carry-on bags. Here’s what you need to know to help keep you and your fellow passengers safe:

For additional information, please visit the Pack Safe web page to learn more about safe packing.

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