AVSiS is the premier software for reporting, tracking and responding to safety occurrences.
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New for 3.0 - Improvements / Benefits from New Version:

  • Completely web based / Available anywhere / No installation
  • Much faster user interaction / report input
  • Zero setup
  • Streamlined security model
  • Streamlined contacts integration



  • Log air safety-related incidents (including ground and cabin events) from any computer with web access.
  • Categorize and grade for severity and risk
  • Built-in standard lists (e.g., event type, airport code, aircraft type/model)
  • Collects additional detail for special events such as Bird Strike, TCAS and Hazardous Materials
  • Follow up investigation
  • Task Manager feature flags overdue items and integrates with e-mail
  • Set up the address book and distribution lists
  • Identify probable cause, including human factors
  • Make recommendations for action and check implementation
  • Analytical reports with charts
  • Monitor trends
  • Set-up user rights to form and record access level
  • Query historical records
  • Attach documents, picture and multimedia clips
  • Audit trail provides a log of historical changes
  • User definable fields


  • Promotes a healthy safety culture
  • Enables safety improvement
  • Standardizes event logging
  • Builds staff confidence
  • Encourages reporting
  • Designed for a non-blame safety culture
  • Boosts safety office productivity (Task Manager e-mailing system)
  • Identify human factors
  • Easily integrated into your SMS and Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP)

Want to learn more?  Click here to download the AVSiS User Guide.