AVSiS is the premier software for reporting, tracking and responding to safety occurrences.
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What is AVSiS?

  • AVSiS is a safety event reporting and management system for FAA-certificated Part 135 operators and Part 91K-authorized fractional program managers. Pilots, line employees, maintenance staff and all other employees are empowered through AVSiS to report safety information to the company safety manager for development of mitigation and intervention strategies.

  • AVSiS logs safety events as incidents (events with a direct safety implication) or occurrences(events which may have resulted in an incident).

  • AVSiS enables the user to categorize the event and apply a severity rating (important for Safety Management System (SMS) programs).

  • AVSiS tracks event investigations and flags overdue items. The safety manager may make recommendations and monitor implementation.

  • AVSiS provides statistical reports and graphical trend analyses by incident type, aircraft model location, or other specified field. The AVSiS Query Builder is a powerful and flexible tool to find the records you require.
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