Air Charter Safety Foundation

818 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 900

Washington, DC 20006

Phone Number  (888) 723-3135



Event Testimonials

Read testimonials from members that have attended ACSF functions:
“The Air Charter Safety Foundation should be proud of this annual event.  The presenters are first rate and focused on subjects important in our industry."
 - Terry Lascher, Manager of Training and Standards, LJ Aviation
“The Symposium once again reinforced the value of the safety leadership of our industry coming together not to compete, but share the best practices that keep our industry so safe. I was particularly impressed with Professor Carraway's presentation on safety culture. The concept of expanding and communicating a company's safety culture through the use of 'true stories' was a real and practical benefit of attendance. ”
 - Dave Hewitt, Executive Vice-President - Safety, Wheels Up

“All of the ideas and solutions presented are relevant to our own situation. Not only those delivered by way of presentations, but also those of the folks we are able to interact with... we are all involved in the same thing, in the same way, and with the same challenges. Priester is happy to count among its more valued assets the innovations that come from this driven and capable group of participants and, more importantly, the willingness of those participants to share those ideas with others in the spirit of universal safety. The ACSF has indeed created a thoughtful and cooperative environment for the nurturing of safety in its purest form. ”
- Alec Blume, Director of Safety, Priester Aviation