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Past Symposiums

Past Air Charter Safety Symposiums

The ACSF Symposium is the annual gathering of the air charter and business aviation industry where current and emerging safety challenges are reviewed and discussed.
2018 Symposium Highlights:





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2017 Symposium Highlights:

Chairman speaking


Mem Sumwalt presenting to ACSF members 3 7 17

Mem Sumwalt speaking

Mem Sumwalt with ASCF Execs

Memb Sumwalt with Air Charter Safety Found Leadership Members watching
Navy Al speaking Navy Al speaking2



2017: Safety is a Choice You Make

Safety: Playing for “Keeps” - A Reflection of Yesterdays
Al Gorthy, Captain USN Retired

Lessons from the Ashes: 10 years of Learning with the NTSB
Robert Sumwalt

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
Russ Lawton, ACSF
John Duncan, FAA

Ground Handling Incidents/Accidents & Prevention
Mike France, NATA
BJ Goodheart, AirSure Ltd.

Making a Dent in Surface Risk
James Fee, FAA

Leading People Safely
Brian Fielkow

Key Discoveries, Analysis and Takeaways from the Bedford GIV Accident
Tom Huff, Gulfstream

Good Pilots Gone Bad
James Albright

Beyond the Shock and Awe of Business Aviation Accidents
Don Chupp, Fireside Partners Inc.



Applied System Safety & SMS in Business Aviation - Curt Lewis

Safety Metrics - Troy Smith

Drones/Unmanned Vehicles: Avoidance & Recognition - Brian Wynne

ASAP Panel Discussion - Randy McDonald

ASAP Panel Discussion - Nicky Armour

Reducing Risk - The Honorable Chris Hart

The New Era of Safety - John Allen




In the Crosshairs of Runway Incursions & Excursions - Al Gorthy

Integrated Risk Management: Bridging Theory and Practice - Jim Zawrotny

FAA Medical Certification: Improving Health & Enhancing Safety - Quay Snyder, MD, MSPH

Managing Professionalism & Airmanship - The Honorable Robert Sumwalt

2014 SMS Audit Results - Steve Witowski

A Day You Will Always Remember - Harry Nelson

ASAP Panel - FAA Presentation




Critical Role of Safety Leadership - The Honorable Robert Sumwalt

Managing Cockpit Automation - James Lara

Managing Cockpit Automation (Speaker's Notes)

Monitoring Culture - Paul Ratte'

Quality Performance Beyond Regulatory Compliance - Gary Grass

SMS Audit Results 2013 - Steve Witowski

SMS Audit Results - Safety Performance

Threat and Error Management - Dave Stohr

Why Go-Around Policies Are Ineffective - Dr. David Jamieson & Capt. Bill Curtis

Photos from the 2014 Air Charter Safety Symposium



Aviation Safety Culture - Marc Stirton and Robert Figlock

Critical Incident Response - Kevin Armstrong

Developing Safety Culture - Robert Carraway

Safety Leadership - Bill Grimes

Upset Prevention and Recovery - Ransbury - Nemeth

Chris MacWhorter FAA ASAP Panel

Photos from the 2013 Air Charter Safety Symposium.

Guest Blogs:
Robert Carraway, Symposium Speaker

Bill Grimes, Symposium Speaker

Lindsey McFarren, Syposium Recap



Aviation Fire Safety - Jeff Hare, J. Hare Safety and Survival Systems

Crew Resource Management for 135 Operations - Shannon Forrest, FlightSafety International

Collaboration to Improve Runway Safety - Christopher Hart, Board Member, NTSB

Managing Fatigue in Aviation - Mark Rosekind, Ph.D., Board Member, NTSB

The State of Aviation: Challenges for 2012 and Beyond - John M. Allen, Director, FAA Flight Standards

Photos from the 2012 Air Charter Safety Symposium.

Guest Blogs:
Dr. Tony Kern, Symposium Keynote Speaker 
Shannon Forrest, Symposium Speaker
Keat Pruszenski, Symposium Speaker



Trends in Aviation Safety- John Allen
SMS Update -  Don Arendt  
Building a Positve Safety Culture in Your Company- Shawn Pruchnicki
Emergency Response Preparedness - Don Rickerhauser
Disaster Response Drill - Bob Schmidt
NTSB Priorities - Earl Weener
NTSB Family Assistance Program - Paul Sledzik
FAA Update Accident Prevention Investigation - Tony Fazio
Accident Briefing - Deborah Hersman

Photos from the 2011 Air Charter Safety Symposium



Responding To The NTSB's Increasing Focus On Air Charter - James Ballough
Addressing Security Concerns With Practical Advice - Lindsey McFarren
International Issues in SMS Implementation - Don Arendt
Business Aircraft Safety - ALAR Update - Jim Burin
SMS And Auditing - Ken Gray
Legal Concerns Raised By Safety Programs
Business Benefits Of Safety Programs - Christopher Hart
Automation Of Operational Risk Assessment - Dave Hewitt & David Vernon