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Programs & Initiatives

ACSF Industry Audit Standard, Registry, and Auditor Training

The ACSF, with the cooperation of and assistance from leading charter operators, fractional program managers, charter brokers, corporate charter customers, and aviation auditors, has developed an industry audit standard. It has become the exclusive standard for outstanding air charter operators, and eliminates the need for an operator to undergo multiple annual audits. ACSF does not conduct audits. Instead, it trains auditors on the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS), and oversees these approved individuals as they perform the actual audit function.


Aviation Safety Action Program, is a reporting program that allows employees of participating companies to identify and report safety issues to management and to the FAA for resolution, without fear that the FAA will use reports accepted under the program to take legal enforcement action against them, or that companies will use such information to take disciplinary action. The ACSF is approved by the FAA as an ASAP Program Manager for Part 135 operators, Part 91 flight departments and 91K program managers in all lower 48 states.

Air Charter Safety Symposium

ACSF hosts an annual Air Charter Safety Symposium. Unlike existing industry events, this Symposium focuses on academic and scientific research pertaining to aviation safety. The event brings together the leaders of on-demand and fractional ownership operators to learn about new safety programs and emerging safety concerns.

Web Site

The ACSF Web site offers member resources, the latest safety news, a resource center (library) on SMS education and information on upcoming events.

Safety Updates

ACSF provides topic-specific briefings based on recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publications, notices and directives, as well as industry research and data. These materials are disseminated via the ACSF Web site and also emails to ACSF members.

Government Partnership

ACSF works closely with the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to identify dynamic solutions to charter-related safety issues. ACSF believes that industry and government must work together to develop enhanced data collection tools that will permit the NTSB to develop a far clearer picture of the industry than is available today.

Outreach & Public Education

ACSF provides the media with updates and online information resources on current air charter safety issues. ACSF educates the public on air charter safety.

Support for Operators

The ACSF staff are available to assist members with safety-related issues, to include emergency response and media advocacy.

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UNITY JETS THE BEST SAFETY & EXPERIENCE AIRCRAFT SAFETY Unity Jets is dedicated to the highest level of safety standards and it is at the forefront of everything we do. Our Director of Safety, who is ...

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