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ACSF and Wyvern LTD Collaborate to Offer Two Results with One Combined Audit

Washington, DC, August 13, 2018 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that Wyvern is now an approved auditing company for the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS). This approval allows charter operators and fractional ownership program managers to accomplish a single audit that combines both the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) and the Wyvern Wingman Standard.

Wyvern offers an Industry Audit Standard (IAS) module as an add-on to its proprietary Wyvern Audit Standard. The IAS module contains operational requirements that have been extracted from best practices used by the FAR Part 121 community and have applicability to the Parts 135 and 91K marketplace. Operators that successfully complete the audit performed against the Wyvern standard, including the IAS module receive the Wyvern Wingman rating and become ACSF Registered.

Both ACSF and Wyvern believe this will be a win-win relationship for the Charter operators and Fractional program managers as they work together to reduce operational risk and redundant workload associated with multiple audits. The two standards will complement well together as the Wyvern Wingman standard has become a recognized symbol of an operator’s overall quality to charter buyers around the world, and the IAS is focused on operational and maintenance initiatives that are applied and refined to assist the commercial business aviation marketplace in achieving safety metrics found in the U.S. airline marketplace.

ACSF Chairman Mike Graham said, “The Air Charter Safety Foundation IAS recognized that the scheduled airline community has demonstrated the best safety record in the aviation industry. ACSF accreditation recognizes a Part 135 operator or Fractional Manager that is utilizing many policies and procedures common to their Part 121 counterparts to further enhance their overall safety management system.”

“It is through a cooperative effort and shared mission of safety, that the Air Charter Safety Foundation and Wyvern have been able to bring this program to the marketplace through a single on-site audit event, thereby accomplishing an objective core to the mission statement of the ACSF,” noted Graham.

“Wyvern Wingman has for years now, represented the most sought after rating by charter consumers around the world,” said Sonnie Bates, Wyvern President and CEO. “Yet we recognize that some operators require or desire compliance with other standards, yet dread the thought of the time and money associated with multiple audit events. Wyvern is very pleased to cooperate with the ACSF on their Industry Audit Standard (IAS) initiative, and happy to once again uniquely offer the marketplace the ability to perform one audit event with an outcome pertinent to both Wingman and ACSF requirements.”

“This will represent a significant decrease in both time and cost for each participating charter company, without any compromise to either standard or actual audit,” added Bates.” 

For further information, go to www.acsf.aero.

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