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Event Testimonials

Read testimonials from members that have attended ACSF functions:

“I enjoy attending the ACSF’s Safety Symposium each year. It is nice to be with colleagues who are all working on similar issues.”

- Terry Lascher, Director of Operations, LJ Aviation

“I look forward to the Symposium every year. We work in a profoundly safe industry but the daily challenge is to continue learning and innovating so we can prevent the next incident or accident. I always have “take-aways” from each presenter that are helpful in moving towards that goal.”

- Dave Hewitt, Executive Vice-President - Safety, Wheels Up

“The ACSF Safety Symposium is an outstandingly pure safety event that is put together each year “by” safety minded personnel “for” safety minded personnel. There are always outstanding speakers who bring forth “new ways” to tackle “age old” safety issues. It is also comforting to be amongst like-minded, passionate aviators who are so willing to share so much safety information in the spirit of universal safety. The information exchange amongst the presenters and attendees at the Safety Symposium wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the positive environment fostered by ACSF”.

- Kurt Humm, Vice President of Quality and Safety, Priester Aviation

"I had a great time both at the ACSF Safety Symposium and ACSF Industry Audit Standard Workshop. I really respect the Foundation and their commitment to safety. We’re very much on the same page and I look forward to future collaboration."

- John DeLisi, Director, Office of Aviation Safety, National Transportation Safety Board

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Unity Jets

UNITY JETS THE BEST SAFETY & EXPERIENCE AIRCRAFT SAFETY Unity Jets is dedicated to the highest level of safety standards and it is at the forefront of everything we do. Our Director of Safety, who is ...

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